Drive-Share Trends 2019

Drive-Share Trends 2019

While major cities' cab companies continue to fight for survival, the car sharing market steadily grows. But is it distruptive to garage operators yet? The clear answer is no.

Why do we use it?

According to a study by Frost & Sullivan a growth projected at 16.4% will yield 36 million people will be using ride share services. How much of that is related to regular cab hailing folk using apps like Uber & Lyft remains to be seen.

Gen-X and Millenials are more likely to install and use apps regularly, one can register an account, rent a vehicle, measure the travel distance along with the time, and pay for the rental.

Rental Car Canary

This trend was noticed by short-term car rental companies, entrepreneurs, municipalities and car manufacturers. Fast forward to 2019, Uber has developed a large city simulation to test its automated car driving technology.

Self-driving electric cars is the future of personal mobility, but that is perhaps a long ways off. We have seen the future of the Internet and e-commerce, for example, take upto 20 years to fully mature. The automated self driving car and it's impact to operators may see a shorter runway but perhaps far enough for operators to watch for trends and optimize their assets with demand in more dynamic and engaging ways.