Parking data streamed from all your garages and lots in real time.

We provide streaming parking occupancy data for your portfolio of garages on your tablet, phone or computer. Additionally, we provide APIs that power your own applications and analytics platforms. We accomplish this through simplest mechanisms possible depending on the garage and operation. Garage Data deploys its patent-pending proprietary IoT firmware that streams real time occupancy counts from garage sites. Reuse your existing infrastructure investments such as PARCS, Revenue Control Systems, on-site sensors, cameras and other devices. Garage Data bridges data gaps within the timeseries with our proprietary predictive analytics that project occupancies based on advanced AI and heuristics. The platform allows your current occupancy survey processes to feed into the system. Garage Data is a flexible and expandable modern state-of-the art real time parking data technology platform. We provide a standard data API to your authorized parking applications, car apps and websites. Bringing your disparate investements together in a standard way to consistently integrate other systems gives the operators of the future all the tools they need to increase sales to transient, event and other high-revenue parkers.

We are changing the equation. real time parking occupancy data streamed via standardized API across all your garages. Smart garages optimize efficiency, change pricing and continuously improve return on assets.

Live Parking Data

Our patent-pending IoT technology drives accurate real time parking occupancy data streams from all your garages to your fingertips for every location.


Monitor your garage occupancy anytime anywhere on all your devices securely.

Powerful Reporting

real time data feeds into our powerful reporing platform allows you to make instant decisions. Dynamically price inventory based on demand, and eliminate the need for manual and inefficient data gathering.


View trends on a per-garage or company-wide basis with exact, real time data for precise management capabilities.