Real Time Operator Dashboard

Real Time Operator Dashboard

(Photo Credit: Agency Analytics) Real time operator dashboards have become essential tools to understand occupancy, revenue and demand. For optimal business operations - it is essential now to have a common dashboard that spans various data sources into a single pane of glass that is accessible by operators.

Observability Platforms for Garage Operators

Gaining full scale observability requires a multi-mode streaming data integration platform that can scale to provide occupancy counts and revenue metrics in real time. The problem is the vast array of data sources that are deployed in a scattered manner. Legacy technologies, newer systems, gates, cameras, loops, cards, bluetooth activated gates, automatic license plate number recognition systems, lidar based guidance system and various sensors are all deployed across the porfolio of garages that are maintained and managed by operators. To manage and maintain these systems for real time data streaming is no easy feat.

What is the solution?

There are various solutions deployed in the market place currently. Most notably Smarking - that provides visibility through their technology platform. However, does it provide real time actual streaming ? Or is it a platform that is providing analytics with delayed data? What is the total cost of ownership?

Other solutions are Ensight - that provide signage and machine vision based occupancy counts. What hardware is needed? How does the machine vision actually work? How is customer privacy tackled?

There are many more solutions out there - such as MISTALL that offer camera based systems to determine various metrics such as occupancy. How many cameras are need? What is the most optimal angle? How is the camera system installed, powered and managed over time.

Ofcourse, we are in the market place as well - GarageData - that provides real time occupancy data streaming from the garages - with no installation of new hardware. How is this accomplished? How does a real time dashboard help the operator?

There is no one-stop shop for the operator. There are multiple vendors and solution options - with factors such as Return on Investment, Hardware Solutions and Ease of management to consider.

Ultimately, the interconnected data grid of parking occupancy across geographic boundaries is a logical step to reduce congestion and approach the dream of smart cities - that takes into consideration garage data, lot data, public parking etc.